Wine Competition

Hello and greetings to all Wine enthusiasts!

WOW Expo 2017 has organized a competition in which everyone is free to participate in hopes of getting fabulous prizes we have prepared.

By choosing to be part of the competition, we will be testing your wine knowledge by providing a 10 question multiple choice quiz which will take place at 12:30pm.

Don’t think you know enough about wines? Do not worry! You can test your luck by guessing on one of the four provided choices. You will have a 20% chance of getting the right answer

Out of all the participants of the quiz, we will take the top scores and those individuals will move to Wine knowledge quiz ROUND 2!

This quiz contains a shorter amount of questions but they are quite tough!

Once again, if you do not know a lot about wines, that is not a problem! May the odds be ever in your favour!

After the scores have been gathered, we will take the top scores and those individuals will have the chance to move into the final round… A Blind Tasting!

The final Blind Tasting round will determine our lucky winner!

We have incredible prizes that will impress you out of your mind. Passionate about wine? Come and join the competition and we wish you the best of luck!

Blind Tasting Challenge

Looking for a challenge?

Want to see how good your sense of smell and taste are? How about giving a try to our Blind Tasting Competition.

We have been lucky this year to offer 5 New World wines which you will have the opportunity to try your skills at recognizing which one is which.

The rules are simple. You will be provided with a variety of wine glasses in which you will simply swirl, smell, and of course taste. Then you will simply try to guess which wine is contained in that glass. Try to remember everything you have smelled and tasted in the past. This is a great way to enliven your senses, and of course getting closer to becoming a potential wine professional.

Many fabulous prizes are awaiting! Come and join us in the competition at 12:30pm and test your luck and knowledge of wines!

Once again, May the odds be ever in your favour.


Get a chance to win exciting prizes from our sponsor!

Price per ticket: only 2 CHF



1st prize:

2 nights at Hotel Royal for 2 people (half-board)

2nd prize:

A pair of Mont Blanc sunglasses

3rd & 4th prize: 

Dinner for 2 people at Hotel Royal worth 250 CHF

Other exciting prizes: 

Several lovely gifts from Vin du Valais

Lovely boxes (packaging) from Vinea


Much more!


Do not miss out on this unique opportunity! 

Main sponsors